Tony Semerad

Musician Summary

  • Instrumentation: Mandolin & Background Vocals
  • Member Since: 07/2010

Tony is a refugee of the original punk and New Wave eras, having cut his teeth as bass and guitar player for power pop mavens Nine Day Wonder on Cheektowaga Records in New York City. His career on mandolin, guitar, bass and percussion has taken him from venues like CBGB's and the Bitter End to a three years as house drummer for the renown Kismet School of Danse Oriantal in Salt Lake. He played with alternative pop rockers Glass Bottom Bus and Groove Dilemma and the industrial improv combo No Blood To Spare before joining Juana Ghani.

A true Bohemian traveler, writer and troubadour, Tony has lived in Buenos Aires, London and Cairo, wandering the world collecting stories and melodies from the places he has been and the people he has met

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