Tiffin Brough
and dreams will have their way with you

Musician Summary

  • Instrumentation: Fiddle
  • Member Since: 09/2012

Tiffin comes to us shrouded in mystery. Beautiful and enigmatic, all attempts to dig into her past have only unveiled unverifiable tales and seeming contradictions. In Zurich, whispered stories of entrancing symphonic performances still abound. And in certain circles of high society, rumors persist concerning the suspicious disappearances of a string of wealthy suitors. Whether or not there is some dark past she is running from is murky at best, but nevertheless, she has chosen to cast her lot with the Gypsy minstrelsy that is Juana Ghani. What we do know is she holds out an open invitation for this dance, an invitation to crack open your heart and shake out the seeds on the vibrating life of the illiterate universe.

Photos of Tiffin Brough

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