Nick Newberry

Musician Summary

  • Instrumentation: Accordion
  • Member Since: 07/2010

Hero. Philanthropist. Saint. Bold words that will most assuredly never be used to describe Nicholas. A compulsive liar, notable drinker, and locally infamous accordion player, Nicholas brings that all too important je ne sais quoi to Juana Ghani. He always carries a pocket watch because he frequently forgets where his wrist is, and he always wears a Derby hat to help him maintain his balance while drinking. Equal parts bombastry and grandiloquence, Nick has been many things: musician, scholar, soldier of fortune, philosopher. He spent years roaming the highest peaks of Tibet, seeking out the wisdom of the 12 hermit scholars, who have transcended knowledge to the point that they know nothing. He has spent days locked away in the crenelated towers of the Bavarian castle owned by the reclusive military genius Helmut Gebhard Unsinn, studying the unpublished works of Carl von Clausewitz. However, due to an unfortunate misunderstanding of local culture and decency laws with a nun and showgirl, he ran afoul of the law in the city of Gdansk.

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