Brian Bonell
“I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things.” ―Tom Waits

Musician Summary

  • Instrumentation: Guitar & Vocals
  • Member Since: 03/2010

From the tops of mountains to the shores of Pacific beaches, Brian chose long ago to design his own road through life. He is accompanied always by his guitars as he creates worlds of sound that bespeak a passion that has followed him through life after life.

Striving for a sound that couldn't be found on the airwaves surrounding his life, Brian searched out and became interested in all kinds of music, especially music of the world because it contained all of the mystery and passion that today's pop music fails to recognize as wonderful. From this starving soul, the music of Juana Ghani was born.

Brian is the founder, band leader and creative force behind Juana Ghani. Born and raised in Utah, he spent several years living and making music in Los Angeles. But destiny had other plans, returning him to the Rocky Mountains where he found his soul creating the music of Juana Ghani.

Photos of Brian Bonell

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