Juana Ghani Band

A Gypsy Cirque Rock Experience

The Band

Utah-based Juana Ghani is a 10-piece acoustic Gypsy rock band that mixes original compositions and traditional world folk songs, infusing them with punk energy and theatric sensibility to create a cabaret-meets-rock-n-roll feel.

Accompanied by belly dancers, aerialists, fire dancers, and cirque performers, Juana Ghani puts on a raucous and charismatic show, drawing influences from such Gypsy/World punk troubadours as Gogol Bordello, Firewater and Viza – all with a poetic balladry likened to that of Tom Waits and Nick Cave. Juana Ghani’s Gypsy Circus is more than a concert; it is a show. And Juana Ghani is more than a band; they are a community. 

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