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Juana Ghiani was an experience that went far beyond the bandstand. They have a familial tribal vibe going on that makes a fun atmosphere long before the music starts to play. Once they get started, the music kicks into dance-time, with clean controlled rhythms and expressive singing. I’ve experienced these same Euro-Folk vibes in France, England, and Holland ... the inclusiveness and simple fun are impossible to beat

Michael's Blog:Beat the Devil Mar 30, 2014

Juana Ghani seem to have a penchant for bringing to life a seedy, seductive back alley in Italy or Russia through their simultaneously languid and staccato music.

LeAundra Jeffs, SLUG Magazine Sep 3, 2014

Wonderful, wonderful artistry!

B Noel Barr, Lunch at the Barr (HotMix106.com) 2012

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